Project MareTerra

Project MareTerra, unique in more than one way

22 May 2024 - 1 min

Literally, the project « MareTerra » for sea and earth could not better bear its name. This immense construction represents a technological marvel, especially given the constraints. It, that shall be delivered with almost eight months in advance for the beginning of 2025. Indeed, for Monaco, small Principality of 2 kilomètres square for 39000 inhabitants, save some space is a permanent and hard challenge. Ever since the 50s, almost 40 hectares have been won over the Mediterranean sea but the MareTerra project has nothing in common with its predecessors. The Anse du Portier developer has had to face some even more important challenges than in the Middle East, due to environmental and seismic risks, as well as depth.

This future luxurious eco-neighborhood is located next to the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco’s congress center.

An underwater fill 50 meters deep !

Located between two protected maritime areas, the new eco-neighborhood has known multiple impact studies. As a consequence, nacres and Posidonia meadows had to be relocated in the Principalities protected areas. From a technical point of view, conceptors have first created an immense underwater fill that is 50 meters deep. A word first even for Monaco. Over this fill, the infrastructure consists of an embankment surrounded by a belt of concrete caissons, which in turn are placed on the embankment. This innovative and virtuous design takes care to protect the surrounding marine species.

Let's take a look at what's being created above the sea in this new, almost pedestrian-friendly district.

A luxurious and lush neighborhood

The Mareterra project relies on Renzo Piano, an architect who has already completed several real estate projects in Monaco, to design the buildings. In this new neighborhood of 6 hectares, 5 buildings and 10 villas are currently under construction for a total of 130 additional accommodations. Very green, the « Mareterra » neighborhood will have a public park, a bike path, a coastal promenade and a small port in an environment where flora takes center stage. The services on offer have sharpened the appetite of investors looking to relocate to Monaco, as almost everything has already been sold at confidential but rumored record prices.

The ten villas in particular are an absolutely incredible luxury in the Principality. A dozen future owners must be looking forward to enjoying some of the most incredible homes ever built in Monaco...if not the world!


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