Sustainable development in Monaco

Sustainable development and construction go hand in hand in Monaco

3 July 2024 - 1 min

20%. That may seem surprising, but it is, in percentage, the area dedicated to green spaces in the monegasque territory. In a city-state so dense and that seems made in concrete, it is an honorable score. The public and private green spaces grew from 50000m2 to 270000 today, thanks to a policy implemented in the 60s.

Beyond areas, Monaco greatly invests and supports innovation in the domain of sustainable real estate. For the past ten years, most of the major projects have included avant-garde solutions such as the management of the energy, sustainable construction materials and intelligent housing concepts. Similar to the Villa Troglodyte a model of the architectural genius that profits from sustainable construction.

The Mona Tower as a leading figure of the alliance between luxury and sustainability

Finished in 2021, the Mona Tower perfectly integrates itself in this tendency of joining luxury and environmental responsibility. Located in the Saint-Roman district in Monaco, this construction made by the Pastor group, is a model of durable innovations. Optimized energy system, state-of-the-art materials, large green spaces, the Mona Tower is a vision of what the future of real estate in Monaco will be. Works of extreme quality, with an ecological impact kept to the minimum. Add the esthetical beauty of the building to the mix, and you have got a great place to live.

In conclusion, real estate in Monaco has been taking the ecological turn since 2010, placing themselves as a world leader on the track of sustainability. This strong marker is the fruit of a clear political will on the part of the princely palace. Who said that luxury and ecology didn't mix?


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