The Palais Adelaide Monaco

The Palais Adelaide, a bourgeois tradition

15 May 2024 - 1 min

An elegant building, typical of the roaring twenties and Belle Epoque style. This succinct description of the Palais Adelaide, located 15 boulevard de Belgique in Monaco, would make a perfect synopsis for a real estate ad. But how could we describe the Palais Adelaide without talking about its ochre color, its pure forms and its typical balconies. This bourgeois building, with reasonable dimensions and four floors, has priceless charm. In the Jardin Exotique neighborhood, it blends perfectly with its calm, measured environment. Built in 1926, the Palais Adelaide doesn't have the luxury or modernism of modern structures, but it does have a traditional side that will appeal to some buyers.

An Olympian calm

Living at the Palais Adelaide : it is to enjoy peace and quiet on a daily basis. A considerable luxury in modern Monaco. Naturally, you will not choose this residence for its high-end services, but more for the beauty of the lemon trees that surround it or the classic charm of its façade. This building allows us to cast a nostalgic eye on how Monaco was a century ago, before the huge building era. Far from the busy city center, the residence is located in a residential area of the Principality, to the north-west. The Jardin Exotique is now a changing neighborhood, where projects such as the funicular railway offer attractive opportunities.

Jardin Exotique, a typical neighborhood

The Jardin Exotique neighborhood in Monaco is strategic in many ways. Many border residents park here on their way into the Principality, and the government is currently planning to build a large new parking lot in order to control the flow of cars into the city center. The Funicular is supposed to replace the car for local residents such as those at the Palais Adelaide. This eco-friendly means of transport will allow quick, green access to Fontvieille and the city center. How can we mention the Jardin Exotique without mentioning its eponymous botanical garden and its famous cactuses? Rich in activities, residential and offering all the comforts, this neighborhood is an interesting balance between the well-being and an active life in a city as active as Monaco.

This is the condensed picture offered to Palais Adelaide residents. Not bad for a building that is almost a hundred years old.


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