Monaco - Le Port

The Port of Monaco, a cheerful neighbourhood located in a natural bay at the foot of the rock

The “Le Port” of Monaco neighbourhood, also the center of the principality, is characterized as a vibrant area where you will find various shops, restaurants, bars, as well as local schools. It’s also the place to be during the Grand Prix that takes place every year, in May.

Located in front of the Condamine neighbourhood and at the foot of Monaco-Ville, the Port has many assets. To enjoy a global view of the area you must follow the stairs up to “Le Rocher”, or just stroll around the pleasure boat port. This maritime area has recently been secured by a huge dyke to increase safety.

The buildings in the area are mostly from the 60s and 70s and have gradually been renovated. Le Port, is often referred to as the area “La Condamine” which is one of the oldest districts of the Principality.

The buildings « Le Panorama, Ermanno Palace, Le Shangri-La”, and more so “Les Princes” are often well appreciated by buyers. Along the circuit of the Grand Prix of Monaco, it becomes the VIP spot where you can watch the race accompanied by a glass of champagne.

The team Livein enjoyed the building “Les Caravelles'', the most popular building during the Grand Prix that offers big apartments divided on sixteen floors. The wide terraces can host more than 15 people during such an event in a very prestigious way.

This area of the port has an easy access since it's the center of the Principality. All the elevators lead to the port and so you can reach it by foot, to see the splendid architecture that Monaco has to offer.

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