Le Rocher Princier that overlooks the sea

Monaco-ville, Le Rocher Princier that overlooks the sea

Monaco Ville is the historical and most ancient district. Back in time, the first residents of the Principality wanted to live here so that they could be close to their monarch.

What is typical for the area is the daily riflemen guard and the recognizable sound of them getting into position in front of the royal palace.Also called “Le Rocher”, this area reflects the authentic Provencal style with its colorful alleys.

Located on the top of the Principality, Monaco-Ville dominates the city. From one side you will get a glimpse of Fontvieille’s area and from the other a stunning view of the port with its luxury boats.

The real estate landscape in Monaco is very restricted.

Besides the Prince's Palace

Besides the Prince's Palace, which is a dominant building in its urban landscape, the apartments and residences in this area are very rare. You will find small townhouses with very few floors, unlike other areas with several story buildings.

Monaco Ville’s real estate is somewhat authentic and has an old charm. The governmental buildings such as the mayor's office, the national council, and even the prison is based here.

Only a few privileged people can live in Monaco-Ville, but the Livein team wants to highlight the Oceanographic Museum. It is a public museum with a Neo-baroque style, constructed in 1889 on the Rocher of Monaco. You can admire its majestic view over the sea, and get stunned by the beauty of the ancient Monegasque landscape.

Monaco-Ville is accessible for cars with authorization, to keep the quietness of the area and protect the environment. You can also park close by at the pay parking. Getting here walking is also a good way to seize the beautiful landscape, taking the stairs leaving the Port. A public elevator at your disposal as well to get to Le Rocher.

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